E-WFMS - Enterprise Work Force Management

SUNTECH E-WFMS has one purpose – to help your organization select, specify and implement your next human capital management platform.

Our E-WFMS provides your organization with methods to easily collect, Store, track, report and manage enterprise level employee life cycle data within the organization. Our product will be customized to plug & play in Enterprise level companies to Mid-Size level and even Small business companies with less than 50 employees. So our product is versatile in being adoptable to any environment as per business needs globally, We offer a custom built Enterprise E-Workforce Management Solution best suited to Small , medium and large organizations.

E-WFMS is built around a longer-term context for short-term decision making and creating plans in response to changing strategies whenever change is discussed and focusing on planning and looking ahead.

  • Our Product all full 360 degree functionalities of covering the core parts of the organization in single click.
  • Out of the box functionality suits 90% of the business with very minimal built in API’s which can be plug and play utilities.
  • Customized Product suites which caters to all levels of business – Enterprise/Mid-Level/Small Business shops.